We’re proud to have been recognised within the performance-marketing industry for our achievements and successes.

2015 Performance Marketing Awards – The Finance Award – Optimise for Legal & General (Highly Commended)

Legal & General and Optimise won the Finance Award in 2014, but that was only the prelude to a truly outstanding year in 2014. In-depth collaboration between advertisers, network and publishers ensured sales figures rose exponentially YOY. All yearly targets were exceeded, and sales contribution from affiliate increased against all other marketing channels. This has confirmed the importance of the performance channel within Legal & General’s business, putting performance marketing at the core of its strategy for the coming years.

2015: Performance Marketing Awards – Advertiser

Innovation – Aviva Cross-Sell powered by Optimise (Highly Commended)

Aviva and Optimise developed a cross-sale incentive programme in order to increase sales and long-term value from the Aviva customer base. Aviva wished to better engage customers who prefer to use mobile and table devices, so both partners looked for ways to develop the already-successful cross-sale incentive campaign with this aim in mind.

Aviva integrated the incentive programme into the new MyAviva mobile app. Web login and a seamless customer experience were crucial. Using a silent registration solution developed by Optimise, AVIVA were able to use data intelligently to significantly improve the customer experience.

2014: Performance Marketing Awards – Finance Award – Winner

We were awarded the prize for managing and growing the Legal & General campaign, which we acquired from competitor network Awin in September 2013. We achieved much in a short time, successfully migrating the programme, improving sales volumes and ultimately beating the advertiser’s annual targets by 5%.
Working with Legal & General, we were also the first to market with a staggered cashback proposition, increasing the lifetime value of cashback customers and maintaining sales volumes from this channel, despite a reduction in cashback rate in year one.

2014: Performance Marketing Awards – Finance Award (Highly Commended)

We have been running the RBS affiliate programme for five years. The campaign encompasses two iconic brands – NatWest and RBS – and a significant number of product categories, including credit cards, current accounts, savings, loans and mortgages.

In January 2013, Performics were introduced to the campaign as an agency, and RBS’s online affiliate programme saw a 116% total increase in online accepted applications across all products in the year that followed. This success was driven by a number of factors, particularly a focus on consistency and reliability, which in turn bred confidence in the campaign.

Affiliates have been given even more confidence through more regular engagement and the introduction of a successful affiliate day. A broad range of products has been maintained, and tracking and payment processes overhauled.  Optimise and Performics have worked with RBS to launch new products such as the competitive Balance Transfer and Purchase credit card, giving affiliates even more options when promoting the brands.

FT badges 19 April 2012

2014: The Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200

Optimise were ranked seventh in the Sunday Times HSBC International Track 200. The listing, published in the Sunday Times each July, ranks Britain’s private companies by fastest-growing overseas sales. Optimise were ranked seventh, alongside firms from a broad range of industries and fast-growing digital companies including Skyscanner (30) and Mind Candy (21).

We achieved organic growth of 144% in international sales over the period, with revenues growing from £0.7m to £4.0m between 2011 and 2013. This explosive growth has been driven by the expansion of our global network, with offices now established in Warsaw, New Delhi, Sydney and Sao Paulo.

2012: Performance Marketing Awards – Network Innovation winner

The continued success of incentive-based offers proves the worth of this approach as a powerful acquisition tool. More recently, advertisers and affiliates who do not traditionally operate in this space have made attempts to compete. However, delivering these incentives to market can be costly and time-consuming, making success difficult to replicate or sustain.

In answer to this challenge, we launched our rewards technology, a unique incentive-marketing solution that provides an online product suite for rewards management, plus a technical solution to support customer incentives and retention.

Optimise Rewards gives both advertisers and affiliates the ability to offer, track, verify and fulfil consumer incentives for purchasing a new product. We manage the entire process, from customer registration right through to fulfilment of rewards, as well as design, build and hosting of required content, pages and widgets.

The solution has been a phenomenal success, helping to achieve cut-through and drive acquisition across a range sectors, while demanding minimal cost, effort, resource or technical ability from clients.

2011: Performance Marketing Awards – Finance Award (Highly Commended)

We were highly commended for the management and growth of the HBOS credit-card programme. Affiliate marketing is at the centre of HBOS’ marketing strategy, and affiliates were an integral part of achieving the firm’s objectives for 2010.

HBOS, Optimise and affiliates all worked closely together to sustain HBOS delivery volumes and improve account value, whilst managing risk. We also helped HBOS develop existing customer propositions alongside new customer growth and widen partner diversification.

HBOS’ success was achieved by communicating and building relationships with affiliates; partner diversification through email activity; sustaining volume and improving account value with cashback usage and bespoke deals; extending the product range to develop the proposition; and landing-page optimisation.